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The Engine Room of Dragons' Dream Marketing

To the untutored eye it might appear that this place, has a relaxed and laid back quality, enhanced, if only you could hear it, by the gentle and regular snore of, 'The Princess'.

Whilst she is unawares, I will introduce myself.

I am the ancient and very wise servant of, The Princess.

She is the expert in relaxed living and stress management.

The Princess, counteracts an unpleasant habit of mine, needing to be doing something.

The somethings have included; studying art (drawing, painting, printmaking (etching, aquatint and silkscreen) wood carving, video, dance, clothes pattern making (factory, up north), gluing leather jacket seams, pottery, paragliding, driving, being thrown off a horse more than once, local politics (Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor) and philosophy (aesthetics and political) but most importantly of all, despite many embarrassing failures (usually to do with fast food) being mother to a wonderfully forgiving daughter, Freyja.

I am currently studying gardening..the hard way and enjoying the virtual company of the good people who visit

Amanda Dean

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