Amanda Dean began to paint when she was being taught calligraphy, some years after leaving art college. She has described these lessons as requiring, "focus, self control, clarity of mind and trust". She says that , "there was something about drawing in this way that seemed to connect with the 'selflessness' of drawing and painting from observation, a characteristic of the more traditional approach to art education that was part of her early art school training.


She believes that painting, is not about the sublimation of ego, but about the subsumation of it within the subject at that time, and that focusing on the process of painting, to the exclusion of all other considerations, is closely akin to a form of meditation.

By simply, but as clearly as possible, communicating immediate impressions, she tries to share that moment and image of a relationship or place.


 Over time, colour and pattern have become , rather than simple monochrome significant elements in her paintings, she says that, ".. colour and pattern, here, are intended to give vitality to static forms and present emotional pathways through the paintings. Colour is like a warm hug from a friend on a rainy day, it adds richness and depth to life."


Amanda is a mother, artist, writer, web designer.

In her final year at Brighton University, she won The Shell Prize for sculpture and continued to exhibit her work in galleries in Birmingham and London. Some years after the birth of her daughter Freyja, she continued to study, Aesthetics, Political and Social Philosophy.


E.M. Luce

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